Blue Badge Mobility Scooter Insurance

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Blue Badge Mobility Insurance is an insurance company based in Hampshire which specialises in providing niche insurance products for people with disabilities and conditions which affect their mobility. They design policies according to their clients’ individual needs, helping people to regain their independence once again.

Blue Badge cover various products which are related to mobility, including mobility scooters and in-home equipment. Uniquely, Blue Badge has policies which cover carers and personal assistants, helping them to offer a one-stop-shop insurance policy for those who need help in order to move around both inside and outside their home. The company offers various levels of cover, in addition to competitively priced premiums.

With Blue Badge insurance, you will be protected for up to £2 million in terms of public liability insurance, meaning that you’ll be very well covered if you accidentally injure someone in the street with your mobility scooter. Furthermore, your mobility scooter will be covered for theft, damage, and loss, in addition to the loss or theft of your personal effects. You get up to 90 days of holiday cover for your scooter if you take it abroad with you, which is great if you’re the kind of person who likes to travel a lot throughout the year.

There is no policy excess to pay with Blue Badge, so you won’t suddenly have to pay out a large sum of money if you have to make a claim. This is great for people who want to make sure that they don’t have large sums of money unexpectedly coming out of their bank account. In addition to all this, there is also an optional recovery service that you can take advantage of, as well as an optional puncture cover and key cover service too.

Blue Badge will replace your scooter if they are unable to repair it, and will also cover anyone who doesn’t own your scooter, but who uses it with your permission. This means that you can lend your mobility scooter to friends or family members, and you will still be insured even if they crash it or cause an accident while using it without you being there in person (even though you’re the policyholder).

The standard Blue Badge insurance policy for mobility scooters does not include mechanical breakdowns, which could be a problem for some users. They do offer a separate Mechanical Breakdown Policy which you can purchase on top, although this will obviously increase how much you’re paying in premiums in order to cover your scooter.

As an add-on option to their regular policy, you can choose to have their recovery service option. This means that you will be covered in the event that your scooter breaks down. In this event, Blue Badge will not pay to repair your broken-down scooter, but they will return you and your scooter to a destination of your choosing, provided that it is within a 20-mile radius of the place where you broke down. If you break down but you are not covered by this service, then the Blue Badge team can still recover you, but you will have to pay fees which could go up to £100.

Blue Badge also offers competitive policies for punctures and lost keys. For example, if your mobility scooter suffers a puncture in one of its wheels and you need to get the puncture repaired, then Blue Badge will cover you for this cost (up to £50) so long as you provide them with an image of the receipt.

When it comes to keys, you are covered for lost, stolen, or damaged keys up to £1,000. They can also cover things such as the reprogramming immobilisers, alarms, and infra-red handsets often found on mobility scooters.

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