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Surewise is an insurance company which specializes in the insurance of mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs. They were established in 2014 with the goal of selling insurance products which allow people with disabilities to live more confidently and independently. Surewise is based in Essex, and has been growing steadily over the last few years.

In 2016, Surewise was selected as a finalist in the UK Financial Services Experience Awards 2016. They were also shortlisted for both the “Best Use of Technology to Improve End-client Experience” award from the Insurance Times and the “Customer Experience Award” from the Insurance Post.

Surewise’s mobility scooter insurance policy provides you with comprehensive cover for various events. This means that you’re covered for accidental damage, theft, third party liability, and personal accidents, in addition to mobility scooter breakdown and recovery charges. They cover all kinds of mobility scooters, including class 2 and class 3 mobility scooters. They even cover portable and tandem mobility scooters too.

The insurer gives customers the option to pay for monthly mobility scooter insurance, costing £3.85 per month. On the other hand, if you would like to pay for mobility scooter insurance on a yearly basis, you will only have to pay £38.50 for the whole year. This way, you save £7.70 over the course of the year, essentially getting two months for free.

Surewise covers both new and second-hand mobility scooters, so you needn’t worry if your mobility scooter is pre-owned. Their policy also covers additional riders of the scooter, not just yourself. This means that if you share a scooter with someone else, you only need to pay for one insurance policy which insures the scooter itself as opposed to individual riders.

For added peace of mind, Surewise customers have access to 24/7 recovery services, helping them to get going again if their mobility scooter is damaged, breaks down, or if it simply runs out of battery. Customers can also get access to puncture care packages for their wheels, as well as additional extras which apply to powered wheelchair users.

There is no excess to pay in the event of a claim with Surewise, and there are no hidden fees to pay – everything is covered by your monthly/annual payment to the company. The company’s insurance policies are underwritten by the Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation (SAGIC), a corporation which is wholly owned by the Salvation Army. This means that when you pay for Surewise, you are helping to support the Salvation Army.

You’re covered for various things, including vandalism, malicious damage, theft, and drastic weather such as fires, storms, and floods. You will also have your personal effects covered for up to £250, as well as 21 days’ worth of international travel insurance for mobility scooters, although this travel excludes the United States and Canada, so do bear that in mind.

Conveniently, Surewise covers your mobility scooter even when it’s locked in your car or when it’s left outside a shop for up to 60 minutes. This company is great if you’re a manual/powered wheelchair user too, as many of their policies are also applicable to wheelchair users. Surewise allows you to tailor your policy to your needs, creating a policy which makes sense for you and your mobility scooter usage.

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