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Self storage insurance comparison of the UK’s biggest and cheapest insurance companies providing the best online storage insurance policies. Storage insurance can be purchased online providing large savings from buying insurance direct with your chosen storage facility.

£12.00 / Month

£5,000 of cover for 1 month from £10.25 No need to list all your items
Cover from 1 week to a year No hidden fees

Quote Monkey

Quote Monkey

£28.50 / Week

Prices - From £28.50 for 1 week, for £1,000 of cover No need to list all your items
Cover from 1 week to a year Excess of £50 per claim

Store and Insure

Store and Insure

£12.55 / Month

£5,000 of cover for 1 month from £12.55 Admin fee included in charges
Cover from 1 week to a year No Excess

£15.28 / Month

£5,000 of cover for 1 month from £15.28 Increase cover level at any time
Cover from 1 week to a year

Big Yellow Self Storage

Big Yellow Self Storage

£3.50 / Week

Prices - £3.50 per week for £2,000 of cover Every single item is valued
Cover from 1 week to a year Doesn't affect no claims on your home insurance



£12.50 / Month

Up to £1000 item coverage No Hidden Fees or Excess
Peace of Mind with Cover for Theft Business & Personal possessions


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What is Storage Insurance?

Storage insurance provides cover for your belongings when stored away from your home or business in self storage. Storage insurance typically covers either personal or business goods, depending on the conditions of the policy you take out. Insurance will provide cover against the risk of incidents that can occur while your belongings are stored at a storage facility; such as natural disasters, theft, and vandalism. In most circumstances, self storage insurance is a mandatory requirement for most UK storage facilities.

Do I need storage insurance?

Storage insurance is a requirement for most reputable self storage facilities, so it's highly likely that taking out a storage insurance policy is a necessary part of your contract. That aside, storage insurance is a good idea to protect your goods. When stored away from your home or business premises as they are typically not covered by your home or business insurance, leaving the value of your possessions at risk should they be damaged or lost.

What to look for in a storage insurance provider?

The right policy for you will depend on your storage needs, however some good considerations to take into account include:

Whether you need personal or business goods coverage
if there is an excess, and how much
If the provider offers both short and long term coverage
How the prices compare to other providers
The total value of goods covered limit

What risks does storage insurance typically cover?

Storage insurance policies should typically cover the loss or damage to your goods from fire, storms, flooding, earthquake, theft, vandalism, malicious damage, escape of water, and vermin infestation. The exact conditions of your policy may vary between insurance providers. Check the policy details of individual providers for details.

What goods does a storage insurance provider typically cover?

Storage insurance will typically cover goods such as electronic equipment and computers, personal documents, household furnishings, furniture, and home appliances, machinery and stock. As well as personal possessions but the exact goods your storage insurance provider typically covers will differ depending on your policy.

Top tips and advice on what to look for when choosing a self-storage facility

We have detailed below some specific points around security, cost size etc, but some other points to consider include how often you need access to the facility, would you prefer your unit to be indoors? Are you concerned about vermin accessing your belongings and do you need additional services if you are looking to store business goods and require printing and dispatch.

Some storage facilities will have operational hours where others will provide 24 hour access. Some facilities offer contained which are cheaper but are typically outside which may be a concern.


It’s always worth comparing the cost of storage from a number of providers. Some do provide discounts for first time users but this may not always be the best option if you are looking for storage for a long period of time. Consider the cost to store your items on a monthly amount or a set price for the period you want to keep your items in storage. Always check the cost of extras such as insurance and is it cheaper to purchase direct or from an online provider.


This may not be so important If you don’t need to access the unit on a regular basis. If you’re moving home it maybe cheaper to store items closer to your new home. Always check the location of your personal unit. Are you happy with a facility with outside storage or would you prefer something inside and maybe not on the ground floor that could be subject to flooding for example.


A number of storage facilities have helpful tools to calculate your requirements. Some will also allow you to down size to a smaller unit if you have he need. Always pack carefully and make full use of the height and width of your storage unit.


Always check the small print on what you can and can’t keep in your storage unit/facility? Some facilities will not allow you to store certain belongings. It’s also important to check your storage insurance provides the correct level of cover fo your goods. As we’ve mentioned before check when you can visit your storage and do you need to make appointment, and if so how far in advance does this need to happen? 


Check the type of security is in place to safeguard your items. Most units will have CCTV but it’s worth checking that your unit is in view. Is there a guard on site when the facility is closed? What happens if there is a break in and how will you be contacted? We also recommend your storage complex with facility owner’s security. if you are providing your own lock check the rating and purchase the best lock within your budget.

Does my home insurance contents cover include items in storage?

Most policies cover you when moving home, but always check as they maybe a time limitation or items may not be covered during transit. We recommend looking for a dedicated storage insurance policy for when items are kept in storage.  All storage units in the UK require a storage insurance policy to be in place. Always compare prices as you will often save money buying from an insurance company than buying direct from the storage facility. disclaimer...

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